St Michael’s Gate – Solidarity rally

by on 12th November 2016


St Michael’s Gate, Peterborough PE1 4YJ

You will, I think, be aware of the situation at St Michael’s Gate.  It’s been all over the news. although I think this explains it quite well:
The Peterborough Labour (Esat ward) newsletter carries the following article on the subject:
Action for St Michael’s Gate* and St Michael’s Gate Action Group*, with their core of residents affected by the plan, together with Labour and the Liberal Democrats are calling on all who oppose the triumphalism of profit over people and decry the decision taken by the Tory administration – to gather at St Michael’s Gate tomorrow morning, Sunday 12th November at 09h30 in a rally to demonstrate the scale of support and intensity of feeling that this awful situation arises in us.
I am sure that you will be with us on this.  Please spread the word to your family members and friends to attend if at all possible and to wear some prominent red clothing (an umbrella or bag will do) to identify themselves as party supporters.
*Easy to find on Facebook

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