The right to food

by on 7th January 2017

The government in Scotland is considering enshrining ‘a right to food in Scots law following a report by the Independent Working Group on Food Poverty earlier last year.  “So Jah seh: Not one a my seed shall sit in the sidewalk and beg your bread.” So sang Bob Marley in 1974. That’s over 40 years ago and […]

Not the last word on St Michael’s Gate

by on 16th December 2016

  I am sure that the tenants of SMG join with me in thanking everyone who came along to support the petition and to take part in the protest which brought in a good share of media attention. This is an issue which will NOT die down; SMG are at the sharp end but the […]

Demonstration of support for tenants facing eviction

by on 5th December 2016

On 14DEC16 from 17h30, tenants under the threat of eviction from St Michael’s Gate will be joined by a coalition of Labour supporters, allies from other parties and people from neighbouring areas to protest -outside a Full Council meeting- against the decision by Peterborough City Council to enter into a contract with a private landlord, who in order to […]

St Michael’s Gate – Solidarity rally

by on 12th November 2016

St Michael’s Gate, Peterborough PE1 4YJ You will, I think, be aware of the situation at St Michael’s Gate.  It’s been all over the news. although I think this explains it quite well: The Peterborough Labour (Esat ward) newsletter carries the following article on the subject: Action for St Michael’s Gate* and St Michael’s Gate Action Group*, with […]

Abolition of the NHS

by on 11th November 2016

 Book available via PDF viewer here  This caught my eye on facebook.  I haven’t read all of it; I pressed CTRL-F and searched for ‘NHS’.  The arguments appear well constructed and argued.  As one would expect; it is a well-put together book -IF you are preaching to the converted.  The thing is… I don’t agree with […]

Labour. Labour values. Labour values workers.

by on 30th October 2016

  Perhaps because of my background in the construction industry, whenever I hear about ‘free market competition’ or ‘competitive tendering’ I am reminded of that quotation attributed to John Ruskin: “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price […]

North East Cambs CLP AGM

by on 24th October 2016

Meeting at 7.30pm on 9th November at the Oasis Centre, St Michael’s Ave, Wisbech PE13 3NR All full members are welcome. You will receive an email by 2 November with an Agenda,  Minutes and other documents attached. Sue Marshall Chair NE Cambs CLP

“Little boxes” at St Martins gate

by on 22nd October 2016

Peterborough City Council Chamber during the meeting.  JW is on the extreme left. Further to my discourse in support of the call-in at the Strong and Supportive Communities Scrutiny Committee meeting on 19OCT16 in the Peterborough council chamber (transcript below) I have made enquiries in support of my contention that the scheme as envisaged is […]

Funding threat hangs over pharmacies in Peterborough – 1 in 4 will close

by on 21st October 2016

Community pharmacies in Peterborough face an uncertain future, as they learned today that their negotiator has rejected a funding deal proposed by the Department of Health.  PSNC, which is the national negotiator for community pharmacy, says the reckless funding cuts proposed by the Department would, if implemented, see patients suffer as services are withdrawn.   […]

Save Our NHS and Labour’s Future – 14 October 2016

by on 18th October 2016

SAVE OUR NHS and LABOUR’S FUTURE public meeting Very many thanks to everyone who took part and came to the meeting. All five speakers spoke passionately about their fears for the NHS and all were united in believing that the Labour Party must now unite – members, PLP and affiliates – to build the movement behind […]