NHS & Labours Future Public Event Oct 14th 2016

by on 3rd October 2016

Save Our NHS & Labour’s Future     730pm The Royal British Legion Club, 210 Broadway, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3NR Save Our NHS  Speakers Confirmed Chris York, Margaret Ridley, Mary Cooke & Jo Rust Labour’s Future   Speakers Confirmed Chris Williamson, Ex Derby North MP & Marshjane Thompson, Jeremy Corbyn’s Event’s Manager & Member of Momentum’s […]

Education National Campaign Day

by on 3rd October 2016

Big Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Education not Segregation National Campaigning Action Day – Education to support the Labour petition against new grammar schools. We had an excellent morning session in NWCambs with comrades with  lots of new members turning up throughout the morning and engaging with members of the public. Unfortunately, […]

Thoughts on Jeremy’s Labour

by on 1st October 2016

Jeremy Corbyn – 313,209 (62% of the vote) Owen Smith – 193,229 (38% of the vote) If there was any doubt whether Jeremy Corbyn would be re-elected it dissipated some weeks ago, becoming clearer by the day that the Corbyn camp was better organised, more committed and well, plainly more numerous.  Policy differences between the candidates […]

Brexit Means Brexit Means What…?

by on 7th September 2016

Anecdotal evidence from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office suggests that the UK leaving the EU may well never happen.  They see the current government as paying lip service to the referendum result and ‘playing for time’ in order to market the Conservatives as having started on a process and campaigning as “the only party which […]

So No More Mayor Then?

by on 23rd August 2016

I heard on Radio 4 news yesterday morning at 08h00 that Theresa May had fallen out of love with the idea of elected mayors all over the country; well, the possibility of elected Labour mayors, anyway – perhaps haunted by images of Derek Hatton or Ken Livingstone. So that’s good: no more elected mayors.  Or […]

Combined Authority with Mayor?

by on 10th August 2016

  Peterborough City Council has posted a Regional Devolution consultation link.  Here it is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DevolutionConsultation  How do I feel about it?  The last page of the ‘consultation’ asked me if I had any comments on the devolution deal for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  [Note the order of precedence.]  This is what I wrote:-  “[There has been] Inadequate consultation of […]

Public Land for Privately Run School Playing Fields?

by on 3rd August 2016

Recently, we heard that PCC’s ‘People and Communities – Schools Infrastructure’(who?) were considering turning over public land on Thorpe Lea Meadows for use by West Town Primary Academy (part of the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust – formed in 2011, just as CMA Trust Ltd, a private company providing ‘pre-primary education’ was being dissolved.  Co-incidence?) We […]

Get Your Vote in the Leadership Contest

by on 17th July 2016

  We have a mammoth task on our hands. Changes made to the election procedures by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) last week, have disenfranchised an estimated 130,000 people from the leadership vote. Their decision to charge people £25 to register as a supporter will be a further barrier for many. Unless you were a […]

Andrea Leadsom Must Resign!

by on 16th July 2016

 TO: RT HON THERESA MAY MP We call upon the Prime Minister to dismiss Andrea Leadsom (or accept her resignation.) Remarks suggesting that men who volunteer to care for children are likely to be paedophiles should not go unchallenged. For the Environment Secretary to utter them, reinforcing prejudice and attitudes of inequality that men and women […]